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Howdy Guys,

I made a google spread sheet that has a bunch of the calculations needed for building E-boards or any thing EV related.

There is an included belt/chain length calculator, Motor power calculations and graphs to go with it, Battery calculations, Range calculations, General board config calculations and Motor torque calculations.

I am still adding functionality and correcting the calculations but for the most part this would be a great tool for anyone who wants to try it.

Somethings to note at the moment is that the graphs do not factor in the gear ratios. Also the efficiency on the graphs is not yet very accurate.
If you mix and match some of the unit it could mess up the units down the road. I have not yet fixed all of these problems. Stick to SI

Image Album:

Future Change log
-Different units of Resistance (maybe)
-Different units of power (maybe)
-Add more units of torque (maybe)
-incorporate gear ratio in Power and torque calculations
-correct the efficiency for power loss of the motor on graphs
- Esk8 Calculator - Add to a web site

Let me know if I messed up the calculations.

STILL consider this Napkin Math ( A General Estimation)

Let me know what you think. Any input or feature request are much appreciated. Also I can answer any question of why I set it up the way I did.

The work was done in Google sheets:
Google sheets (works) Link Electric Vehicle V1.6 Public

The google sheet is in a view only format so to download the sheet follow the instructions below.

In the top right hand corner under "file" there will be an option to "add to drive". This way you have your own copy in google drive.


Also in the top right hand corner under "file" there will be an option you can "download it as": and what every file format you like.

Hope this helps!

PS: This was inspred by a post on Endless-sphere by piyiotisk.
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