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Towing with an ev

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Hi guys

Looking arbs few evs done here in vancouvernfor sale one being a nice s-10 government converted truck.
I'm looking to reduce my costs by buying an ev but I would need to tow a hot dog cart behind each day to and from about 20k each way. Truck has a range of 80k but my question is how does towing effect the range and performance of the vehicle?

Any info would be great!!

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The vehicle is the white s10 about 3/4 down the page
I would expect towing to effect your range a lot, not to mention put the hurt on your EV. Have ya given any thought into pickin up a van, transfoming it into your hot dog dispenser, and converting it to electric? The logic is sound my friend...
Towing may not effect the range that much - how big/heavy is your hot dog stand?

I find towing a medium size trailer increases my fuel consumption by ~20%

You may be able to go a little bit slower and retain the same range

I have found Americans to be afraid of towing, don't be
Here in NZ over half of the cars I see have tow balls
- gives great flexibility
you can have a car (or sports car)
than can carry more than a pickup truck
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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