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Hi all,

I have 2 options to buy a forklift motor:

One is a Toyota 4FB20 FSV forklift electric motor as per the pics.

Its motor nameplate rating is 36/46.5 V and 4/5 kW.

Meidensha Electric Manufacturing Co.

It’s 4 terminals are marked F B E A.

Or I have an option of a Lansing FOER 15.5-1-2.5TL 72 volt forklift motor, however I can’t get to the motor name plate to get any other info.

Would anyone have had experience with these particular motors for an EV conversion, and the
meaning of the Toyota motor terminal markings



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Key data piece that you need - are these DC motors?? - if they are then either would be useful

HOWEVER sometime ago (2010??) most forklifts went to AC motors - I am not aware of anybody managing to use one of these AC motors in a car conversion
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