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"What have you done for the more common accessories? A/C? Vacuum? Power steering? Dash gauges (Speedo, Gas - wired from SoC, RPM)?"

Well I have the entire contents of my donor minus the shell so I intend to transfer everything. I'll probably keep MR2 electro-hydraulic power steering pump and unsure if I'll use the donor brake servo and master cylinder plus abs unit or keep MR2 brakes with donor abs. I have the donor dual cycle AC which would provide heat and cold so that's easy, plug and play into donor system with MR2 heat exchangers.

All electronics will be original donor wiring connected to MR2 controls and switches wherever possible. And the donor dash will fit in the MR2 dash space and gives all the info needed just like in donor.

I made a concerted effort to get an entire donor and even a rear motor donor to match the MR2 layout and avoid design and development of a bespoke installation for the MR2. I don't have the skill or patience to figure out all the customisations of adapting an OEM system to work differently in my build I needed as close to bolt on as possible, only really mechanical modifications to fit the donor parts.

So I should get on with the build fairly smoothly once I start . I'm just very nervous about building a different battery box and putting together the cells and bus bars etc.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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