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Transmagnetics new BLDC options

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Transmagnetics, INC

Press release
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Contact person:Joe Stevenson
Company name: Transmagnetics Inc
Telephone number:707-794-8205
Fax number:794-8074
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Transmagnetics Inc announces a new low cost line of BLDC motor systems for vehicles, pumps, commercial, and industrial applications
Cotati, Ca, 2/3/13—

Transmagnetics, is a 13 yr old US company specializing in brushless dc motor and controller technology,
( customers have included Deere, Husqvarna, Icon, Bosch, and others), is announcing the public availability of a new line of BLDC motor systems. The new products are based on Transmagnetics proven, existing magnetic components that have been sold in major OEM applications. These new systems offer both performance and value, having both high peak and high average efficiencies. The lower voltage units are designed to fit motocycles, ebikes, small cars, pumps, and other dc applications. Pricing in smaller volumes for “startups”, developers, and others will be extremely friendly.

The motor systems will be offered as, ODP, TEFC and TENV models, with and without integrated, full featured controls (including closed loop, 0-100% variability, current limiting, proportional thermal protection, programmability, etc.) Horse Power ranges offered, are from 250w-20kw, covering applications from electric bikes to small cars. Initial voltages will range from 12-96v DC.

These same motor platforms will also be offered for line voltages, in the 3rd qtr. of 2013, pending approvals, for AC or DC inputs, for global commercial and industrial applications. These AC line products will make variable speed, 90% efficiency motors, a cost effective replacement for synchronous AC motors with VF drives that take up less area while costing significantly less.

General specifications and examples:

Transmagnetics motors are largely designed using rare earth magnet technology, allowing motors to be generally ⅔ smaller and lighter than standard PM, or AC motors of comparable performance and efficiency.

- Efficiency- most of the motors, less controller losses operate between 80-93% (depending on materials specified, duty cycle, etc)

- Size and weight: examples - 4-500 watts = 4”(100mm) D x 3”(75mm) L = 1-1.5kg or 3lbs.
3kw = 5.75” (140mm) D x 5” (125mm) = 4-5kg or 9-11lbs

Pictured are 6.5’- 3.5” motors

Cost examples in 10-100 volumes are: 2.5hp (without control ODP = $220. , with controller $340.
@1000pcs = $170. w/o, $290.w/c - 250w -10-100 = w/c $120. - @1000 units = $75.
15-20kw w/c @ 1000 pcs =$530.00

Transmagnetics also offers a wide range of motor/controller products, from 100watts, to 30kw and voltages from 6v -600volts.