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Trouble detecting the CGM using EMUS BMS

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Hello there. I have some questions regarding the configuration of the CGM in order to be detected correctly. I have tried to do so, but the problem is that once I click on "Discover Devices" on the EMUS BMS software, the CAN Cell Group Module is detected. I have only one CGM connected to a 32 cell batery (110 V aprox in total). The problem is that the software displays the CGM with 0 cells. I wonder what the problem could be.

And I have found some strange things, for example, my CGM is a CGM020A module, as you know the module have 2 sets on cables. The strange thing here is that both ends have 4 wires: black, red, white and green, I opened the CGM case to see what was going on, and I found that one end had 3 wires (red, black and green) and the other only had 2 wires (black and green). So, there are some cables that appearently are not used. Any suggestions?
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