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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the site and new to electric conversions. I decided to ease my way into a conversion by buying an already converted Ford Ranger. I'm excited to be able to communicate with everyone here.

I'm trying to troubleshoot this truck. It runs but at significantly reduced power, it maxes out at about 45A. I recently connected to the BMS and didn't see any error codes. The controller is also not showing any error codes since the LED is flashing yellow. I'll include some screenshots of the Orion BMS utility(had trouble exporting the data).

About the truck:
2008 Ford Ranger
34 cell LifePo4 battery pack: 110V - 160AH
1238 Curtis Controller / AC-50 motor
Orion BMS
Elcon PFC 2500 battery charger
Transmission: 2 speed Lenco - IE Drives

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