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I'm looking at adding a couple of electric motors to my 2017 Beetle. Some of what I am thinking so far:
-AWD rear suspension parts from a Golf, short custom CV joints, motors mounted near rear wheels.
-Some used Tesla battery modules mounted in the trunk, limited range. Use ICE alone after batteries are depleted.
-A suitable controller, wiring, etc.

I'm thinking of either having it be a completely independent system or having it add power while using the ICE. If independent, it would have its own accelerator control for the driver and the ICE could be left on and in neutral for accessories to function. Or could I do something to run the accessories without the ICE on? It already has electric PS, so basically just the AC and brakes would need some rotational energy/vacuum.

If tied together, I'm not sure how that would be accomplished. Could the motors/controller be set up to only add EV torque when accelerating, going up hills, etc?

Can anybody recommend a compact motor to fit in the small space? Perhaps with enough power to run the car if I later remove the ICE and replace with more battery?

Using two motors instead of a differential and one motor, will I have issues with differing motor speeds/power in turns?

Is it possible to tie the rear motors into the traction control somehow for better AWD?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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