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Tw200 ev

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What would be a good inexpensive motor package to replace a 200cc 16 hp , hub or mid. Would like between 12-20hp complete kit without batteries. I will make my own pack. This is for a Yamaha tw200 legal trail motorcycle
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Interested in replies for your project.
I have a somehow similar projet here
I’m thinking leaf modules , what’s everybody’s opinion how many modules at what volts and amps. I don’t any more than 20 hp.
Just starting mine big Nissan patrol keeping all fitures to maintain 4 wheel drive and diveĺock air con heater to hgv
Night heater etc. I have at my disposal machine shop and prefab shop
This purely can it be done project
Any advise would be welcome .thanks
I think that meaty rear tire will take care of any worries about unsprung weight with a hub motor. Love the TW200, so I'm looking forward to seeing more on this project.
And I think a continuous 6-10hp mabey a 15hp motor might be what I need. And really if I got even 10 miles per charge it would be enough.
After looking at all motor options I’m thinking about running 2 5-8 hp hub motors. But I’m having a hard time figuring out what rear motor to use for this , since it has a 6” rear wheel and a 14” rim diameter. Anybody have an idea what hub motors to run . I’m only looking for 35+ mph and 15 or more range. I thought 2 36 volt lithium packs could work.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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