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Twin zilla 1khv possibilities for EV drift/drag

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I'm looking at building a "quick-ish" EV and I've settled on a Miata (I hope) Twin warp 9's direct drive to a Ford 8.8 and a ratio somewhere in the low 3s.

And no overdrive, maybe that could come later. (much, much later :eek:)
(read - Poor mans Assault and Battery)

I have my eyeball on a used Z1kHV and considered that plus a new one is a cheaper way to ~600kw.

I can't even talk about batteries right now, assume I can afford one that has the "horsepower" needed.

I realize I am limiting myself by doing 2 separate controllers, vs 1x Z2k by cutting out the possibility of series-parallel switching of motors, this isn't a thing to be glossed over.

Is a single z2k the better route considering dual motor direct drive?
How much extra torque is gained at a higher RPM when the motors are switched to parallel ?

I realize these questions might have been asked a zillion times already but I browsed for a good couple hours and I'm little the wiser.
(edit, ok this was pretty helpful -
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On the series parallel switch I recall years ago studying a chart on it from a drag run by White Zombie. It might have been with a pair of 8" motors but it showed good data taken from the Z2K. John Wayland's website had a full history and I think that is where I found it. Like or something.

Also check out NEDRA. I'm sure they'd like a new member and have several active members who have run with it. Bet they'd love to tell you about it.



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Here is a link to plasmaboy's series parallel chart done by Mike Willmon.

Here is a link to Mike Willmon's series parallel chart for his own car.

I did this once on DC Plasma until the Albrights blew up.
I can tell you back then we were all battery/budget limited (you can see by us all hitting LBV limit on the battery). You can see none of us used the HV we all used the EHV. series parallel doesn't make more horsepower if your battery is the limit but it definitely won'y if your pack isn't tall enough.
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