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Two batteries are better than three!

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The garage was getting cluttered... The sun was shining... It was a quiet afternoon... The conditions were perfect!

I attached three batteries together in various stages of death to form about 30 volts. I thought this would be plenty to get the car up the driveway.
So, I got my wife to film this great event by standing at the bottom of the drive with the video camera in hand while I rolled the car to the bottom of our (steeper than it looks) driveway.
Then, with three batteries connected together I pressed the on switch from the driver's seat and... wait for it...

nothing happened.

Hmmm, Problem.

Sooo, I popped the hood and found the problem, in my haste I'd forgotten to connect a wire to a terminal. Once that was sorted I closed the bonnet ("hood") and got back in the drivers seat... "Are you ready" I say to the camera?
And, "clunk" we're moving!! Slowly up the drive the car crawled... until it got to the really steep bit. Where it promptly stopped and gave up.
Oh crap-a-rama.

Not to worry though, After 3 minutes of power-swearing I found a solution. It seems one of the three batteries was actually choking the performance of the other two. I removed this dying battery and although the voltage was lower, the amperage went up heaps!
I gave the motor a test spin and the motor said "Wrrrrrrrrr!" in anticipation and excitement. I responded with a heartfelt "Wrr wrrrrrr" to soothe it, put the car in reverse, connected the (now) 24 volts aaaaaaaand "clunk"! We're moving!
The two dying batteries (one from my Nissan, the other from a bin at work) had enough juice to move the car right up the short but steep driveway and into the garage all by itself!

My wife and I both cheered once it made it up the drive, and according to the emails I've received, so did viewers of this video on the other side of the world!

After that triumphant movement from garage, to bottom of drive, to garage I realised that I wanted the car out of the garage in the first place so I clean it out.
Excitedly, I put it in first gear, tapped the big power switch coming through the driver's door window, and rolled down the drive. When I got to the bottom I didn't stop, instead I popped it into second (with no clutch too) and turned on the now fairly flat batteries. The car crawled up the road at about 5mph without making a sound!
Then something surprising happened on this New Zealand winter's day; it began to rain! (I'll have two gallons of sarcasm thanks)
So we chucked the car in reverse, and popped it back into the garage before I got my shiny new electric motor wet.

That left me feeling on top of the world! I didn't want to stop there either! I wanted to keep driving - but alas, it would be ever so slightly illegal so I had to make do with going up and down the driveway.

Hmmm... I could always clean the garage today as well? It's only been 24 hours but that dust moves in fast! There'd be no harm moving the car again would there - I mean the batteries are charged up... ;)

All of the above is viewable on a video on my website.

It's good for a laugh and make sure you cheer when the car finally makes it to the garage!

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