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I've built a electric motorcycle with two hub motors (no gear ratio) which are directly drive by two independent but same controllers and same throttle.
If throttle is turned, two wheels will be drive at the same time with same throttle signal but a little different speed due to the difference of the radius.
The front RPM and rear RPM are approximate but I don't know how to calculate the vehicle's speed by these two RPM since they are both driving.

Assume the front RPM is 246, radius is 0.24 meter, which the wheel's speed is equals to 22.25km/hr.
The rear RPM is 250, radius is 0.25 meter, which the wheel's speed is equals to 23.56km/hr.
Can the velocity of the electric motorcycle be 22.905km/hr?
If not, how can it be calculated?

Thanks for your reply!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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