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12 – U-Charge XP Series Valence Technology Saphion U24-12XP Batteries
Original cost from Valence $2,200+ each

Buy all twelve for $700 each – Total $8,400 - OR $800 each + shipping

Used in lab environment for two months

We were building Stealth VW EV for Army - Best Energy Management Engineer in America took EVolks design from Utah and redesigned everything - cost approximately $200,000 in re-engineering for new design. Using these batteries we achieved 92 mile range on single charge in lab testing. Our President took R&D funds for his massive "Green Fund". I was Chief Scientist on Project and had to close lab. After I sell these batteries I'm going to reverse engineer everything in VW design and patent design. Thereafter E-Book of specs will be published on Kindle store with, for those DIY builders.

Lloyd Harold "Hal" Woodward - [email protected]
Denver, NC USA
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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