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This Blog is created to allow all the UK members who want to make a difference within the UK's EV community.

The current goals are to: Boost infrastructure (more charge points and service centers), manufacture more components in the UK, bring the price of purchasing an EV down.

Blog posting is restricted purposefully, if you would like to be involved please PM me.

Members who have been in touch so far:

Skooler: Interested in becoming a battery Supplier..

Midnight: Has access to MGTF shells

Mikeboxwell: Has his own EV company producing light weight commercial EV's.

Favguy: Has built his own budget conversion EV. has a vast knowledge of

Ellrot (me): Have a Precision Engineering Company, with Access to CNC's,
milling, lathe, boring, welding and profiling machines, and a good knowlegde of technical drawing and autodesk inventor.

Latest News from myself is a meeting in January with E-factor, and local college lecturers in charge of government funding. This meeting is only preliminary to crunch numbers to assess if our idea could work..

Please feel free to post any thought feelings, or highlight things I've missed out or been naive about...
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