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UK IVA / ECE R100 requirements

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All the threads I've found here so far about UK IVA / ECE R100 seem to stop shortly after mentioning IVA or ECE R100 requirements.

I think the FAQ here

is out of date.

Is there an expert here that can update the FAQ?

Has anyone experience with R100 compliance? Is it possible without a formal assessment / report done by a test house like TUV, etc.?

The IVA manual says "A vehicle with batteries of a maximum voltage of 48 volts need only comply with the essential technical requirements of ECE
R100.00" - what does this mean? Is it differentiating between R100.00 and R100.01? (but still requiring a formal test report?)
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I can’t claim to be an expert but can give you my understanding of the current situation in the UK.

Firstly, if you are converting a car that is already registered in the UK you will not need an IVA. It is classed basically as an engine swap. As long as you are not building a kit car or cutting big holes in the chassis/bodywork an IVA is not needed. All you need to do is send the V5 off to change the fuel to electric. It is recommended that you send build photos and a letter from a friendly garage to show that it is electric. This is to prove to the DVLA that you’re not just saying it’s electric to get free tax, it’s not a safety/engineering check.

I emailed the IVA people last April as I was considering building an electric kit car. At that point they said that there was no requirement to meet the R100 standard even though it was mentioned in the manual. However there was a consultation ongoing with the aim of making it a requirement for voltages over 48V. I was told that if this happened, I would have to have it tested properly as an OEM would and it would cost thousands. I don’t know whether this ever got further than the consultation stage.

I ended up going down the conversion route and will be sending my V5 off with photos and a letter fairly soon.
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