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I’m Jim, based in the South East of the UK.
I have As yet, zero experience of EVs, but I have worked on cars and bikes for many, many years.
I have a 1971/72 MG Midget that is basically the first car I bought after university in about 1990. I thrashed it to death for 5 years as my only car then eventually sold it to my father to buy a kitchen for the flat I was buying at the time. It languished in his garage for several years until he eventually did a full bare metal restoration, making several changes along the way to make it more conducive to modern traffic.
A few years after that dad decided that as he’d retired he didn’t need four cars and so gave my brother his Mk2 Sprite and gave me my Midget back.
Dad passed 11 years ago, so the car is kinda precious to me. Really, it only gets used very rarely on sunny days and so has remained in great condition.
However I have an inkling to future proof it and convert it to an EV. Dad was one of those guys that was always interested in new challenges and green power so I’m certain he would approve.
Now I could throw £25 grand at it and get someone else to convert it, but firstly I don’t have a spare £25K, and secondly, where’s the fun in that?
So my inkling of an idea is (I guess like many others) get a cheap Leaf and strip that for parts - ok the battery may need to replaced at some point but we are talking a car that will be used as a high days and holidays toy so that should not be a problem....
The project is in the “is it feasible and can I do it” stage at present. Oh and I have other things that I need to finish up first but hey ho....
So anyway If you made it this far through my lengthy intro... Hello!
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I would suggest following a few more projects consider budget. open inverter is another good starting point many reversed engineered components like the gs450h transmission which as an option leaves more of the engine bay available for battery space.
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