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Payment Plan now available!


EMAIL: [email protected] i respond quick!
Local pick up only or PayPal you pay for shipping

100% complete conversion kit has less that 500 miles. I sold my Ferrari replica chassis to an EV enthusiast he swapped everything from his EV he was working on.

over $9500 invested took me over a year come up with everything. It's the most completest kit you can find anywhere. has less than 500 miles! i had a solar panel and propane generator setup but sold it with the chassis.

will not part out! Price listed is what i paid (after tax/shp)

1. 144V Advance DC motors (ADC) $2,200
2. Curtis 500A 144V controller 1231c $1700
3. Zivian NG3 144V 20A pcf Charger $1,300
4. (10x) BRAND NEW 12v Gel-Tech batteries $1650
5. Curtis PB-6 Potentiometer (pot box) $175
6. 2 Contacter(s) $250 and $75 (one allows the motor to spin backwards, you get to reverse in 5th gear from a switch)
7. Kelly Dc/Dc converter $189
8. Digital Amp/Volt meter, Shunt and LED battery monitor $350 (Brand new) everything is 500a and 120v
9. Custom 9in motor mounts $100
10. 50 ft. Cable 2/0 AMG $200
11. Cable cutter $55
12. 500amp Fuse $65
13. Custom battery bracket $100
14. 12v big fan, 12v mini turbo blower fan $45
14. Battery terminals and lugs $60
15. Build your own electric car Ebook $200 (90 pages, pics, step by step tutorial. the author been living off the grid for 15 years!!!)
16.Much more that i missed. its complete! i even have extra DC/DC converter, ect


Payment #1
$5,500 total
-$2,000 down
$200 bi-weekly for 8 1/2 months plus
Payment #2
$5,500 total
-$1,500 down
$250 bi-weekly for 8 months

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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