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Ultimate EV drive system 2 Siemens 1PV5138 & Inverters CA,LA

Two Siemens 1PV5138-4WS24 ELFA Drive Motors
Brand new, still on their original pallets these liquid cooled monsters were designed to propel a full size bus. These particular motors were purchased from Azure Dynamics when the company closed. They have the long output shaft that can be directly connected to a drive shaft. Liquid cooled these are the best of the best.

At 300 amps these are rated to 391 ft lbs of torque.
This is a high voltage system, rated to 10,000 rpm.

I have eight inverter drivers, liquid cooled they are rated to 350 amps. Four of the inverters were never hooked up, installed as a redundancy system. Four have a blown igbt in the regenerative circuit, 3 for motor and 1 back to battery.

Would like to sell as a package, any interest?

They would require a DICO Vehicle Interface or maybe:

I also have a 1992 Toyota MR2 for sale
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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