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You might be interested in the discussion in this thread:
Home-built E-cyclecar
The voltage-switching scheme is an old method, discussed in that cyclecar thread and described in a link there.
Thanks for the link! That linked article pretty well summed up my thinking. So the contactors/relay idea goes back to the 1900s it looks like... my other thought is rebuilding my GE EV-1 into a more compact package to fit on the bike, it came off of the forklift that I got the motor from, but I didn’t know really what I was doing so I basically took half of it apart trying to pull it off, instead of just removing the ridiculously heavy steel plate all in one piece (which I eventually did, after pulling off the forklift’s 4 contactors, as well as a few other pieces of the EV-1 setup) so it looks like, according to that article, I would be better served (even temporarily) fixing up my EV-1 and using it, until I can afford a nicer, more compact, Curtis model... anybody have a link for how to put together an EV-1 controller? Haha
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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