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Unable to access “motor & control” on TAU Smartview. Hyper 9 HV

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Hi people.

I’m trying to commission a Hyper9 and having problem with the TAU smartview program going into a loop during the “motor & control” which is required to spin up the motor and set the various parameters.

Everything has been double/triple checked and no faults exist. The entire program was uninstalled & reinstalled complete with firmware update and correct clone files.
The manage “traction” section is accessible and all ok. Every other section is accessible apart from the “motor & control” which try’s to start, flickers then goes back to the main screen.

Any thoughts or advice would be gratefully received.


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No answers from the experts here.😥
After many hours of frustration I contacted Hunter at Netgain who accessed my pc remotely installed his much more extensive program and finally after an hour managed to get everything thing up and running.
He’s a star…
He sees about 5% of installs having issues with the program and there’s no common easily identified cause.

anyway the prototype is running…👍🏻
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