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Undersized Pack or Mixed Modules?

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I recently got my hands on a set of modules from a 2019 e-tron, but due to some confusion at the dealer, I only got 31 of the 36 modules in the battery. The e-tron pack has two sections (see pic below) a 31 module main section and a 5 module upper blister. I bought a used/damaged pack and the dealer has either managed to throw away the upper blister of my pack or has been mixing and matching batteries during warranty repair (despite new packs only be supplied as a complete unit). At this point, I'm not sure I want to know the answer, but I'm only going to be able to get a 31 module pack either way.

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I still got a good enough deal that I'd like to keep the modules, but now I have a dilemma. I was planning on using two tesla SDUs, but I only have a 93s battery. With a 93s battery and 240v SDU cutoff, I'd hit the pack cutoff at a cell voltage of ~2.58v + sag. I think I could bump the minimum cell voltage from 2.5v to 2.6v (or higher) in the BMS, but I don't have a good feel for how much pack capacity I would lose. The pack would be 82.5 kwh nominal and I am trying to keep 240+ miles of range.

I'm trying to think through whether I should just stick with the 93s battery, or whether I should be looking for an extra e-tron or i-pace module. They are starting to show up on sites like second life ev and both use the same, or similar, 60AH cells in a 4P3S configuration. The only difference in the modules seems to be the BMS connector.
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