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Hey guys. I am a student in mechanical engineering who is very interested in electric motors. I have been trying on my own to learn how they work and tried to come up with ways of improving them or finding new ways of using them. so far...nothing!
Well, I have some questions I would like to ask you guys (I saw some very interesting posts on this forum):
-how do you determine the torque required to rotate an alternator?
-is that torque formula the same as the one used to determine the torque output of an electric motor?
-do you have any idea of the coefficient factor of influence of a load on an alternator or motor? I mean is there any way to 'predict' the response of a motor/alternator under load?
-do different load have different impact on the alternator? I mean is there less current resistance or something when I plug in a bulb on a battery or if i plug in a fan?
these questions will most definitely help me have a better vision on this electricity world as I am almost 100% blind right now. Thank you all!

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