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Underway with BMW 318ti auto

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Finally after a couple of years I have a car up on blocks and am removing parts from it. So far the muffler and exhaust, air filter, fan and radiator. I've also temproraly removed the driveshaft in preparation for removing the transmission and petrol engine. Some time ago I degassed the AC.
The car is a BMW 318ti, which I've chosen because as well as looking good it has a compact size with reasonable gross payload capabiltiy and huge space in the front cavity. It may well be possible to fit the batteries in the front, although I'm not counting on it.
Main problems so far have been stuck nuts and difficult to access nuts. Generally have sorted it with CRC and extra leverage and had to resort to a hacksaw once.
Besides that, today I pulled out the fan and radiator and was surprised to find there are actually three radiators. One is the usual engine cooling, then there's the small transmission cooling one and then the large air conditioning unit. They were all sandwiched together. I'd be interested in thoughts on whether I need to keep the fan unit given I'll keep the aircon and transmission cooling units. I am hoping not as it is huge and that I'll be okay to move the transmission cooling unit in front of the aircon one as there is plenty of space ahead of it. They are open to air coming through the front grill.
I'm also wondering why there is an electrical plug related to air conditioning plugged into the main radiiator (thermometer I presume) and whether I will need to compensate for some signal from that back to the aircon. Any ideas on this appreciated.