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unusual ad via reddit?

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didn't feel like posting in the marketplace section as theres no direct listing to linkto/contact in a sense speaking
I wonder if the front bumper is the hinge point for the whole hood itself as it looks like the exposed poles areattached to the bumper in some way and I spot the usual truck-style latches close to the windshield pillars .. which makes me think the hood flips forward to access the would-be battery tray in there?
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Automatic trans, so there's a motor located under the hood, which leaves a fair bit less room for batteries. I'm going to guess it splits between under hood and cargo area for battery location.

Surprisingly high mileage - I wonder if that's the donor chassis mileage?

Someone put a lot of effort into the design, including that clever hood hinge.

I wonder if it's a theme park prop?
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