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USB mini LVDS cable extension

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Is someone know how to extension a LVDS cable?
There is a mini USB LVDS cable between the radio controller and the touch screen in the Chevy Bolt. Similar to this:

In my Vanabolt, the radio and his wiring harness is in the back of the van and I integrated the touch sreen in the front of the van.
I did an extention of the LVDS cable with a twist and sheild cable I welded between the two cut part of the LVDS cable, but this cause the touch sreen to not work.
I know the LVDS cable is the problem. I extensioned over 30 others wires on this screen, but the screen restart to work properly after I reweld the LVDS cable (2 wires) without the extension and put the screen in the back of the van.

Sadly, because this cable is rare, I was't able to find a new cable longer than 50cm (less than 2').
So, what is the proper way to do an extension for this type of cable?
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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