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USB powered 1A Li-Ion charger $1.99

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I just purchased one of these:

I figured I can't go too far wrong at 2 bucks with free shipping. It uses the TP4056 IC which is a constant current voltage limited charger, resistor programmable from about 50 mA to 1A, and can be connected to a USB port or a wall wart supply.

Here is a review of the performance of this module:

I think it might be possible to put a diode in series with the output so that it might work with LiFePO4 cells. It should drop the 4.2V to about 3.5-3.7. I have some 18650 cells of both chemistries that I got for testing but this should be an easy way to charge them. I'm not sure I trust it enough to plug it into my main computer, so I might use one of my older spares (a Vista and a Win XP laptop).

It'll be awhile before it arrives, so I'll report on my own results.

The same company has other interesting stuff at good prices. I bought these: (DMM) (12V 5W supply) (SPI OLED graphic module) (Plastic hobby gears)

And from another company: (SLA battery charger) (Prototype boards) (More Prototype boards) (More hobby gears)