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Custom Dual Motor 4x4 vehicle

First and foremost Hello! I am a 19 year old student and full time employee at a sheet metal / HVAC companay. I am looking to get ahead of the automotive industry and construct my own vehicle so i figured why not make the jump to electric because i grow tired of the 60$ refills in my truck

A little bit of background on my experience and resources:

I have access to a full metal fabrication shop, over 90 Hours of residential electrical training i have rebuild several engines, including motorcycle and light duty pick up rebuilds and i also have experience using AUTOCAD f


A few requirements for this vehicle are

A. well off road capabilities and some rock crawling, usually entails large tires and great suspension
B. ~30 mile range (15 miles off road)

C. Street LEGAL, California is very reasonable about the " custom" car registration and the big thing is SMOG which is a non issue and the frame would be " manufactured" using my connections at the shop i work at.

D. Plug in capabilities, would be transporting a generator on another vehicle in order to maintain a charge while in the wilderness

Looking at running this set up..

Controller: Zillia X1K

Motor(s) dual Warp 9s mounted on a rotating bracket to allow rotating operation for the suspension system ( entire motor rotates but is still mounted to the frame to avoid unsprung weight), however i am open to any other hi torque options

Battery Bank: Would be a complete custom Fabricated battery box with either complete submersion or a proximity liquid cooling system, depending on the heat produced at the low speeds

Batteries: CALB 70 AH will give the vehicle ~ 40 miles on road but off road is a bit harder to predict due to the varying terrain

Suspension: looking into some sort of attachment / Plastics tubes wound in Copper wire with a nerodium rare earth magnet rod in the middle, very similar to the concept of the little shake lights there are out there just on a larger scale that will use the linear force of the suspension as a source of some extra energy but these are still in the thought phase and likely will not be implemented for some while.

A few things i have ran into are things like

B. How much power ( Amps) is drawn @ low RPMs? not sure about the start up power chug.

C. Powertrain, Dual Direct drive to differentials , looking at the possibility of running lower voltage dual motors while crawling and having a disconnect from the second motor and have just rear wheel drive for on road use

A few things for people to consider when looking at it in a cost effectiveness is an average rig of newer models is ~3400 lbs and 234 ft lbs of torque and around 20K+ easy on top of the already expensive gasoline ( figures taken from an average jeep rubicon and all the lifts and shenanigans that have to be put into it) and this is something i do for fun with my family but want to have for a bit of around town driving.

Any constructive criticism , ideas and help is welcomed

Thanks and new info will be posted as it becomes avalible
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