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I am wondering if the pack could be disassembled and the 8 battery packs inside separated so I could easily place the packs around the car chassis.
Most salvaged EV battery packs are dismantled for use in conversions, simply because they generally won't fit into a vehicle body which is not designed specifically to accommodate them... even the relatively small plug-in hybrid packs

The "battery packs inside" are called "modules". While breaking apart a module into cells is normally difficult, as long as they kept as intact modules the wiring is all plug-in connectors (for BMS) and terminals with bolts (for power), so they are practical to re-arrange.

When making a custom pack of these modules, you need to consider
  • structural support and retention,
  • electrical connections and supporting components such as fuses and contactors,
  • enclosure for protection of the modules, protection of people, and containment of cell failures, and
  • thermal management (such as heat transfer plates and circulating coolant).
The original pack design will provide lots of clues about what is required.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts