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hi all i managed to connect to the battery via the powertrain canbus. its module 8C which isnt listed on the standard list.

annoyingly if you are connecting you have have to use the new hex-net interface otherwise you wont be able to view alot of information.

big thanks to alan for sharing the pinout. i found it to be very similar to the e-golf / e-up which has helped to identify the remaining pins. i will place the table up once its completed.

from what i read if there is no errors the contractors will switch on with the ignition signal. if that is the case i will then monitor the internal canbus to see what is sent and try identify the activation signal.
Hi Guys

Are you willing to share the pinouts that you know about? I'm particularly interested in the pins for the 12v for the contactors and the safety line so that I can power up the pack and check the voltage on a pack that I'm looking to buy.


1 - 1 of 29 Posts