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Using a small truck for greater range?

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I was reading an EV blog where someone suggested using a pickup truck for their EV conversion to extend the range. The idea being you could pile more batteries into the bed due to heavier construction. I was wondering how feasible it would be to use lead batteries to push a small pickup through my 60 + mile commute to work and back. About half of that would be that freeway speeds.

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due to the lousy aerodynamics, my ranger MIGHT make it to work (24 miles, couple of 6% hills) and back on the floodies I plan to use. I'm using them because I understand the charging and discharge cycles better than the other battery systems, and the CFO of the family has decreed that I spent too much already. Yes the truck will haul 1/2 ton, but that kinda equates to only about 16 batteries or about 192V and about 18 Kwh, and my requirements say at least 20 Kwh. You're going to need more than that by a factor of 3.

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Look at my truck data in my sig link at I could get probably 33 miles IF I take roads other than the interstate and drive 35-45 and taking hills easy. If I take the interstate it takes more power.

Now I'm in the middle of an upgrade to Calb lithium batteries to give me I hope 100 mile range. Here's that thread I just started.

But to answer your question, you can't get enough lead batteries in a small truck without buckling the frame. They would have to be in the bed and under the bed. My lead weighs 1500 lbs. If I doubled the batteries the S10 would weigh 5647 pounds, about 1700 lbs over max weight rating of the truck. The motor would have to be upgraded as well.

If you want to go that far without charging seriously you will have to go with lithium.
His approach may be a bit over board but Steve Clunn got 100 miles to the charge right here
Check out Red Beastie here and I am sure there are a lot more on evalbum that I don't know about.
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