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Using EV Bus Motor in a Car?

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I am not an engineer (obviously based on the premise of the question), but my research shows some bus motors not comparable to diesel engine dimensions, meaning that the specs I have seen put into a car looks promising.

Has anyone swapped an ev motor meant for a bus into a car truck? How did the process go? How did it differ from using motors for fork lifts or other applications smaller than a personal car?

Granted, I've also seen Arlin Sansome's Leaf motor making far more power than stock, but I wanted to ask about a bus motor. Also, having a record of information here will likely prove of some use for someone researching this topic in the months and years to come.
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I don't think it's a completely unreasonable idea, but any motor intended for a bus is likely to be quite large. As an advantage, it may be capable of producing a lot of torque so it could be used to drive the rear axle of a traditional car, without any other reduction gearing. Some battery-electric buses have been commercially produced with motors that are lower-powered than typical current electric cars... it might not be unreasonable.

Do you have a specific bus motor in mind?
Parker Hannifin GVM310 since they have PMAC motors and good numbers. The KW and torque for the frame size of the motor looks good to me (an a non-engineer). I've seen Powerglides take the torque as well as some Allison transmissions. These motors are built for a beating, so things that would be "over-engineered" for a particular application interest me.
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