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Using Leaf Heatpump / A/C standalone on a boat?

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for a solar boat project, I'm considering adding two heater / A/C systems from two Nissan Leafs, since I may use the drive system from those as well.

Has anyone tried / documented getting the heater / A/C to work outside of the car? It's probably the cheapest heatpump based heater one could get.

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I don't have an answer for you but I've been following your build and please keep documenting it. It's a joy.

Heat pumps are normally not great for really cold weather, because they can only handle so much temperature difference. But in a boat, if your ambient radiator is in the water, the coldest the water can be is about 0'c. So you'll always get usefully room-temp heat out of it as long as the water is liquid.

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Haha, thanks!

Yep, exactly. The heater in the Leaf uses the heatpump above roughly 5°C, but most of the time the water should be above that as well, so I think it should be a great way to heat with minimal energy!

And if it actually drops lower, it'll just use the resistive heater.
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