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Using older Tesla Modules with soldered connections?

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Most people who use Tesla modules are using the newer versions with the swappable cell-tap boards. On the older models, the balancing wires are soldered to the OEM cell tap boards. Does anyone have any experience running those? Presumably you can just solder the BMS balancing wires and thermistor wires right to the original cell tap and thermistor wiring but I'd like for someone to confirm.

The reason why I'm asking is because modules are much cheaper on eBay, but they tend to be the older type. Degradation is still pretty minimal (>10%) despite their age, but they're selling for a good bit less than anywhere else.
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Are you sure these are soldered?
Then it must be before the Gen1 they used with silicon wires and this connector.

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Ah. You might be right. I read somewhere that they're soldered for some reason and never got that out of my head.
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