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I met a guy who suggested it. I picked up the assembly off an 85 S10 and got a reman master cylinder. There are two holes in the brake pedal for connecting the push rod. The upper one is for a manual so you get more leverage. The manual MS has a smaller bore but longer stroke so it's easier to push.

Can't get the parts from GM nor auto parts stores other than the MS. I even looked in LMC Trucking catalog which has lots of factory replacement parts for obsolete items and they didn't have it either.

However the junkyard I went to out of town specialized in old vehicles. I only found one out of about 20 I looked at. Also looked on ebay at a vendor who specializes in S10's but he only has newer stuff. This junkyard was my last hope and I was lucky! :D

Best to google "Manual brake conversion S10" or your vehicle type. They are pretty much like buggy whips nowadays so you may be SOL.

One thing to consider. Your vehicle may use vacuum to operate the ventilation dampers to change the air flow from the vent to defrost, recirc air etc. Mine does so I had to consider that.
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