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Valence Lithium Battery U27-12XP | 12V 138AH 1.766 kWh. Condition is Used pictures are provided to show quality of battery. These batteries weigh about 40 pounds each and shipping can be arranged via courier service, delivery from me or you can opt for the fedex delivery. Contact me for additional details on shipping. Thank you for looking.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (Quantity 1)

Valence U27-12XP
Drop in replacement for 12V lead-acid battery.
Group 27 form factor.
138AH, 1766wh.
These are USED batteries, in excellent condition, used in the trucking industry. Estimated 300 cycles. Rated for >4,000 cycles (80% DOD).
Twice the run-time and 70% the weight of similar sized sealed lead-acid batteries.

Exterior condition is like new.

Indicator light blinks GREEN every 5 seconds. This battery has a built in carrying strap and both communication cables are still attached.

Communication cables can be daisy-chained together to create a commutation loop which sends important battery information to the Battery Management System (BMS)

The XP series can be configured in pack voltages from 12v-870v nominal and can be put into parallel to reach required capacity.

A sample of these batteries has been tested and has shown between 80-90% of labeled capacity.

Feel free to ask any questions!


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