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Valeo 6.6Kw monitoring with Orion BMS

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Hey all,
Have a 72 cell Calb 100ah system with Orion BMS, the Valeo 6.6 kw charger.
My question is this, the charging circuit appears to work, it kicks in the pump with charge power, I can connect and adjust settings on the BMS, however when I connect to the BMS over CAN the charger turns off.
I'd like to monitor it in real time while it's charging this first few cycles.
Any suggestions, there's a lot that has to be right for all this to work, so I'm kinda confused.

Before I had the charger connected to the pack I was able to connect to the Valeo in the BMS program, all I did was actually connect the charger leads to the pack, and now all the responses from the Valeo in the Valeo tab are not available.

Thanks Jesse
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So, after a little more exploration. Charger is getting 12V. And i am able to read the charger when it's on, but it intermittently turns on and off, no errors, could very well be CANBUS interference. Time to find open shields!
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