Hi, got a decent stock of various battery modules available at the moment,

Based in the UK, prices are from £110 per kWh but can go down to £100 per kWh if multiple modules are bought.

VW Golf GTE / Panasonic 1.1kWh 48v - £120
BMW / Samsung 2kWh 30v & 48v - £240
Mitsubishi / Yuasa LEV46 (the newer LEV40 cells) 1.32kWh 30v - £165
VW Golf / Samsung 1.64kWh 14v or 48v - £200
VW Golf / Samsung 0.815kWh 7v (same as above but 2s and half as many cells) - £100
Tesla 5.3 kWh 24v - £850
Used A123 Lifepo4 32113 cell, in 60v Modules (going cheap for lifepo4’s, under £100/kWh)

Most are compatible with SIMP BMS which makes setup more simple.

I batch capacity test them, all will be over 90%SOH

Please contact if interested,