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Various EV parts: 12v heaters, 400amp fuse, Tesla diff, etc

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500 Volt 400 Amp A50QS400

10’ 2/0 orange welding cable

Chevy volt end plates and long fittings 2 plates/4 fittings (one fitting rolled away for the pic)

Differential from Tesla large drive unit. Removed for a Quaife install. $150 as is or I can weld it for drift/motorsport purposes for $300 total.

BMW heater stock
This 12v ceramic heater can be easily modified as detailed in this video for adjustable heat output with nothing more than switching to ground.

BMW heater modified
Another BMW ceramic core 12V heating element out of an F series. This one has threaded stud connections and I modified it so if power is applied to the terminals, it puts out full heat. I had planned to just use an external relay to turn it on and off but ended up getting my hands on a 380vdc heater instead.

Stock Tesla large drive unit logic board. Good for tinkering or reverse engineering. Make an offer?

All prices are shipped. Paypal is preferred. Since I’m new here, feel free to check my ebay feedback.

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