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Currently in the process of reviving a vectrix vx1.
Battery building has worked out fine, made 50ah modules using 18650 cells in a 36s pack.
Now i’m struggling with the firmware to make the bike as usable as possible.
Did the testing with the firmware that was installed on the bike but made the ‘mistake’ to install the latest 36s firmware that is published om the vectrix website.
Found several firmware packages on visforvoltage forums and but not to sure if they will work, don’t want to brick the bike.

Anyone has a nice working combo at hand?

I would like to run in a 38s configuration at 120 kph, so i need the hex-files for a runke charger, controller, icm is the diy1708, works fine.
Also looking for a solution to run a bms, tried old version, tried new version, can’t get it to work properly, probably due to firmware configuration.

It is also possible to change the setting by the diag app using the cmd tap, but can’t find the needed xml-files to do so.
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