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Vectrix vx1-li+ cells

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Hi guys,

What to think about these cells?
They are/where GP Lifepo4 42ah cells of a vectrix.
The pack expanded a lot when i loosened the metal straps holding it together.
No wonder the pack is dead.:cool:


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Tesla conversion is a blast, also leaf-cell conversions seems very good.
An alternative is an 18650 conversion as in following link.

The easiest way to go is to order the 30ah GP-cell they still offer at vectrix, but are they any good? I'm not too sure about that. If you see the state the 42ah cells are in after just 5 years ...

Like the diy approach of the 18650 conversions out there because of the flexibility of it, would also like to stick with lifepo4-chemistry so i don't have to change anything to the current elektronics and settings although energy density is less than li-ion, but range isn't that of an issue to me.

Still a lot of reading to do before i start building a battery pack.
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