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Vengeance Power Engine

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No this is not for the motor section. :)

So has an ICE they've been working on that doesn't care what kind of fuel you feed it. CNG, gasoline, diesel, etc... And it's SUPER efficient.

The motor is small and light. It generates massive amounts of torque and even makes plenty of power while still being 60% efficient with diesel. It has a max speed of about 1200 RPM as well as it runs cooler and has very few moving parts. And it's most efficient at its max RPM.

The motor isn't available yet. I contacted them via email and was told it will be available soon. So I was thinking, if you were to use bio-diesel to power it, this could be a fantastic range extender or even a good hybrid engine.

What do you guys think? Supposedly these will be cheap to build and cheap to maintain.
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Sounds promising, diesel engines today are at best something like 40% efficient if I remember it right! How soon is soon? Considering how it usually is with these inventions I would say a year or more, and even more time before you can get one cheap...

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Hi Everybody

This motor fails the sniff test, despite the inelegance of the piston engine the losses are small
modern diesels at 40% efficiency are at 80% of their theoretical efficiency - I just don't see something coming in at 50%
- 25% more efficient !!

Especially when the webpage waffles about "leverage" and does not mention expansion ratio which is what keeps the Wankel efficiency down

I would bet money this is a scam

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There are several similar types of engines and none of them work; because they can't get a setup like that with all of the vanes to seal properly.
I've thought about that, actually. They say they have a design for a seal that works. Currently their seals are hand made so they're not perfect, but they do expect to machine better seals that would work.

I'm not going to discount this engine until I see it fail for myself. So far, they're the only ones with a running prototype.
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