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Hello everyone!

I've found an industrial 15kW three-phase AC induction motor, and I'm in the market for a VFD to run this thing. It's a Baldor GDM2515T rated at 20HP, 230/460V, & 48/24A ("Full load amps"). It's weight is great for it's power and I like the fact that it's AC.

I've found a multitude of industrial three-phase AC VFDs rated at 460V at 24+A continuous, but when I search through the technical documentation to find a maximum current, I usually only get reading such as "200% rated current output for 60s." According to its technical specs, the Baldor motor has a "starting current" of 165.8A.

I would assume that the VFDs I've found wouldn't work, since 200% of 24A is only 48A, which is a far cry from 165.8A. Be that the case, then if y'all would kindly point me in the right direction in terms of controlling the motor, I'd be very appreciative.

Furthermore, I'd like the VFD off of a DC battery pack via the DC bus terminals, as outlined in Industrial VFD and AC motor. The problem left unsolved by this thread was advice on how to step up the battery voltage to meet the VFD's requirements (VFD's RMS VAC * sqrt(2)). Would this be practical? I'd like to keep with the induction motor, since I've been searching for a few days, now, if that's possible.

Any help would be great! :)
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