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VFD Motor and Battery Compatibility

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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for a VFD to pair with a 15kW three phase induction motor rated at 230/460V and 48/24A continuous (460V * 24A = 11040W < 15kW :confused:). The thing is, I looked into the motor's specs, and it has a starting current of 165.8A, and I can't seem to find a VFD with a max current greater than 100A.

When I search for the max current on a VFD, all I'll find is something along the lines of "200% rated current for 60s." This simply wouldn't do, unless I've been missing something.

Here's the motor in question;here's an example of a VFD I'm looking at.

I plan to run this off of a DC batter pack, hooking up to the VFD's DC terminals, as describedhere. Another road block I'm running into—which was addressed by the previous article, yet unsolved—is getting my battery pack up to such high voltages (230V * sqrt 2).

Is this the kind of motor controller I should be looking for?
How can I meet the controller's rated voltage?
Why is this motor is rated at 15kW continuous, when the math doesn't add up?

This is for a homemade go-kart, and I'd love any advice y'all can give!