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2015 Via Motors V-Trux
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I am new to the group and the EV community. But, I have been researching EV solutions and architecture for a while. From Rich Rebuilds to Borgi Occupy motors.
Currently, I was lucky enough to acquire an Electric VIA motos V-Trux (Chevy Silverado) in an Auction. It is essentially an oversized Chevy Volt just without the series drive.

The truck is powered by Remy HVH250-115D motor with Dana TM4 Controller. The generator is the same motor mated to a 4.3L V6. The truck has a 24kwh battery pack.

I would like to convert this to a series hybrid like the Tahoe/Sierra Hybrid. Basically connecting the Generator and Drive motor with a transmission.
Does anyone have any insight into what will be involved here? Obviously, the control modules and software itself is a huge effort.
Mechanically looking for solutions of a compact gearbox with a clutch that I can use or I will have to tinker with the 2ML70 transmission.
Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. I plan to start a build thread soon in a forum.

A cool feature the truck has is power export where it is able to export 14Kwh thru 220V outlets as a generator to your home or job site. And if the 24kwh battery pack is depleted, the engine kicks on as a generator for power export. You can charge other electric vehicles with this.

Ideally, the goals of the modification are
1) To increase performance
2) To increase electric range by bigger batteries - 24kwh 800lbs is not efficient.
3) Add DC fast charging- right now it only supports J1772 Level1 and 2 charging using a 15Kwh Bi-Directional charger on board.



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