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Vibration Isolation for Battery Box EV Conversion

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I am currently building two steel battery boxes that will house 2 modules from a Tesla Model 3 (2 per battery box stacked, supported from the side as intended). This will be going in a 4x4 and may see some off-road use but likely minimal, just typical road conditions. It will be mounted to keep a low CG to the frame so it will be on the sprung side. To me it still seems like you would want to put some sort of vibration isolation but I don't believe Teslas have any. Does anyone have any recommendations here?
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The only EV battery enclosure which I have heard of with an isolated mounting system is the one in the Ford F-150 Lightning... and that may be as much for torsional isolation (to handle frame flex) as any other reason. GM is not isolating the battery in their EV trucks (which have what is probably a stiffer frame), Rivian is not isolating the battery in their truck (which has a frame which is stiffened by the body), and Ford itself doesn't do isolate the battery in the any other model (including the E-Transit).
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