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Vibration Isolation for Battery Box EV Conversion

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I am currently building two steel battery boxes that will house 2 modules from a Tesla Model 3 (2 per battery box stacked, supported from the side as intended). This will be going in a 4x4 and may see some off-road use but likely minimal, just typical road conditions. It will be mounted to keep a low CG to the frame so it will be on the sprung side. To me it still seems like you would want to put some sort of vibration isolation but I don't believe Teslas have any. Does anyone have any recommendations here?
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Yeah probably overthinking this if Tesla doesn't have any additional vibration isolation. I would imagine a pothole/square edge bumps are fairly harsh in a Tesla given the limited suspension travel so the modules themselves must be designed to withstand that. I have designed vibration isolation systems and dampers which is why I was thinking it would be a good idea. Initially I was thinking just to mount 4 vibration isolators with studs but packaging the battery packs is a huge challenge with very little clearance so between frame flex/isolator deflection it might end up causing more problems with potential interference if it isn't needed.
Yep not sure about the S/X as I am using Model 3 modules but they bolt directly to the battery enclosure and also have flanges that clamp to the enclosure with no other isolation material. They are only supported on the sides. Maybe there is something internal or the foam they use around the cells acts as a vibration isolation. I will likely want the battery box to be removable so I am thinking I will still use some type of vibration isolating mounts since it will still be used off-road occasionally.
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