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Vintage Electric Go Kart Project

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Welcome to my vintage electric kart project. I've already started the build and have 4 videos so far.

Here is the major parts list:
  • GoPowerSports Vintage Kart Kit
  • Motenergy ME1718 motor.
  • Kelly KLS72501-8080IPS controller.
  • Headway 38120HP cells x 40 for the 20S2P battery pack.
  • Chargery BMS24T-300 and charger combo for battery management.
  • Chargery DCC-300HB for main contactor.
  • Curtis PB-8 Throttle Pot for throttle.
I have a lot more information at Vintage Electric Go Kart and will post the videos here as well. Enjoy build log #1 below!

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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