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Voltage to Ah Relationship Question

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Assuming a vehicle is driven the same for both examples, I was curious about something...

Would each battery pack described below provide the same running time (again, given that both scenario's are run exactly the same way):

1) X Volts @ Y Ah
2) X*2 Volts @ Y/2 Ah

I understand the significant performance differences between the two, just looking to compare two exact same driving scenarios and see if I understand the situation.

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I second Gerhards comment (and is grateful for not having to write it myself ;) ) and just want to fill in a minor details.

The only difference is that resistive losses in the cableing, fuse(s) and contactor between the battery and the controller will be smaller in the high voltage case.
With really high pack voltage the losses will start to increase, so there's a "sweet spot" that depends on the controller and the cable areas. The increasing losses at high voltage is the reason why the Soliton cut down maximum motor current from 1000 to 900 Ampere above 310 Volt (iirc).

But then, for ordinary commuting cars there's probably no point in having that high pack voltage anyway, it just makes it harder (or at least more expensive) to find a good charger for the pack...
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