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Voltage to Ah Relationship Question

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Assuming a vehicle is driven the same for both examples, I was curious about something...

Would each battery pack described below provide the same running time (again, given that both scenario's are run exactly the same way):

1) X Volts @ Y Ah
2) X*2 Volts @ Y/2 Ah

I understand the significant performance differences between the two, just looking to compare two exact same driving scenarios and see if I understand the situation.

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Thanks Jan.

I'm beginning to grasp the 'theory' behind some of this. The higher resistance with higher current is an interesting consideration.

My first thought was to the efficiency of the controller, pulsing the higher voltages off for longer durations... I think your point would contribute just as much consideration as controller efficiency, perhaps even more.

Yet, in real world testing... I would think the measured differences would be relatively insignificant.

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