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Voltage too high for Motor

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So I am currently looking for batteries for my conversion build at the moment and I have been looking into Lg Chem. They seem like a good choice but my only concern is that my motor, ADC FB1-4001, is rated for 120V. If I connected the Lg Chem in in series I would get 128V which is a bit over the rating for my motor. Would that be okay to do or should I look into other batteries?
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Don't worry about the motor
Two reasons
(1) the controller controls the voltage the motor sees -and only feeds it enough for the current and speed that it is going at
(2) those motors can take a LOT more than the label - I'm using a Hitachi forklift motor - it's 48 volts on the label I'm feeding it 340 volts

It's the controller that is usually the limiting factor

Also 120v is a bit low for highway performance - that will probably restrict your motor rpm

With my Hitachi motor 130 volts was a pain - the top speed for my car dropped to 60 mph

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Thanks Duncan, the motor controller I am using is a Kelly Controller kdh14650b. In the user manual for the controller it says it has a nominal voltage range of 24-144V and Max operating voltage of 168V. Honestly when it comes to speed I'm not really expecting to get anywhere above 65mph. the car I'm converting is a 1982 VW Vanagon so as long as its street legal I'm happy.
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